Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Controlled Natural Language (CNL 2020/21)

Tobias Kuhn, Silvie Spreeuwenberg, Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, Norbert E. Fuchs (Editors)

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Special Interest Group on Controlled Natural Language
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Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Controlled Natural Language (CNL 2020/21)
Tobias Kuhn | Silvie Spreeuwenberg | Stijn Hoppenbrouwers | Norbert E. Fuchs

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Towards a More Natural Controlled Language in Future Airbus Cockpits. A Psycho-linguistic Evaluation
Nataly Jahchan | Anne Condamines | Emmanuelle Cannesson | Helene Giraudo

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Grammar-Based Concept Alignment for Domain-Specific Machine Translation
Arianna Masciolini | Aarne Ranta

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Tailoring a Controlled Language Out of a Corpus of Maintenance Reports
Yannis Haralambous | Tian Tian

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Approximating a Zulu GF concrete syntax with a neural network for natural language understanding
Laurette Marais

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The Grammar of PENG ASP Explained
Rolf Schwitter

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RegelSpraak: a CNL for Executable Tax Rules Specification
Mischa Corsius | Stijn Hoppenbrouwers | Mariette Lokin | Elian Baars | Gertrude Sangers-Van Cappellen | Ilona Wilmont

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The Law of Inertia and the Frame Problem in Attempto Controlled English
Norbert E. Fuchs

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Reasoning in Attempto Controlled English: Mathematical and Functional Extensions
Norbert E. Fuchs

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A quality evaluation framework for a CNL for agile law execution
Ilona Wilmont | Diederik Dulfer | Jan Hof | Mischa Corsius | Stijn Hoppenbrouwers

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Towards CNL-based verbalization of computational contracts
Inari Listenmaa | Maryam Hanafiah | Regina Cheong | Andreas Källberg

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Assessing and Enhancing Bottom-up CNL Design for Competency Questions for Ontologies
Mary-Jane Antia | C. Maria Keet

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Human-understandable and Machine-processable Explanations for Sub-symbolic Predictions
Abdus Salam | Rolf Schwitter | Mehmet Orgun

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Toward a Reference Architecture for Traceability in SBVR-based Systems
Lloyd Rutledge | Rudy Italiaander

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Facilitating the application of Controlled Natural Language (CNL) to standardize communication in logistics and supply chain management
Joel Cedric Lengeling

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A CNL-based Method for Detecting Disease Negation
Joan Byamugisha | Nomonde Khalo

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Multi-Phase Context Vectors for Generating Feedback for Natural-Language Based Programming
Michael Hsiao