Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics 2022

Allyson Ettinger, Tim Hunter, Brandon Prickett (Editors)

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Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics 2022
Allyson Ettinger | Tim Hunter | Brandon Prickett

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A Model Theoretic Perspective on Phonological Feature Systems
Scott Nelson

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A split-gesture, competitive, coupled oscillator model of syllable structure predicts the emergence of edge gemination and degemination
Francesco Burroni

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ANLIzing the Adversarial Natural Language Inference Dataset
Adina Williams | Tristan Thrush | Douwe Kiela

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Concurrent hidden structure & grammar learning
Adeline Tan

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Evaluating Structural Economy Claims in Relative Clause Attachment
Aniello De Santo | So Young Lee

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How well do LSTM language models learn filler-gap dependencies?
Satoru Ozaki | Dan Yurovsky | Lori Levin

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Inferring Inferences: Relational Propositions for Argument Mining
Andrew Potter

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Learning Argument Structures with Recurrent Neural Network Grammars
Ryo Yoshida | Yohei Oseki

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Learning Stress Patterns with a Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network
Brandon Prickett | Joe Pater

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Linguistic Complexity and Planning Effects on Word Duration in Hindi Read Aloud Speech
Sidharth Ranjan | Rajakrishnan Rajkumar | Sumeet Agarwal

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Modeling human-like morphological prediction
Eric Rosen

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Parsing Early Modern English for Linguistic Search
Seth Kulick | Neville Ryant | Beatrice Santorini

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Remodelling complement coercion interpretation
Frederick Gietz | Barend Beekhuizen

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Representing multiple dependencies in prosodic structures
Kristine M. Yu

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Typological Implications of Tier-Based Strictly Local Movement
Thomas Graf

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Analysis of Language Change in Collaborative Instruction Following
Anna Effenberger | Eva Yan | Rhia Singh | Alane Suhr | Yoav Artzi

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When classifying arguments, BERT doesn’t care about word order...except when it matters
Isabel Papadimitriou | Richard Futrell | Kyle Mahowald

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Can language models capture syntactic associations without surface cues? A case study of reflexive anaphor licensing in English control constructions
Soo-Hwan Lee | Sebastian Schuster

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Incremental Acquisition of a Minimalist Grammar using an SMT-Solver
Sagar Indurkhya

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The interaction between cognitive ease and informativeness shapes the lexicons of natural languages
Thomas Brochhagen | Gemma Boleda

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Learning constraints on wh-dependencies by learning how to efficiently represent wh-dependencies: A developmental modeling investigation with Fragment Grammars
Niels Dickson | Lisa Pearl | Richard Futrell

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Masked language models directly encode linguistic uncertainty
Cassandra L. Jacobs | Ryan J. Hubbard | Kara D. Federmeier

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MaxEnt Learners are Biased Against Giving Probability to Harmonically Bounded Candidates
Charlie O’Hara

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Universal Dependencies and Semantics for English and Hebrew Child-directed Speech
Ida Szubert | Omri Abend | Nathan Schneider | Samuel Gibbon | Sharon Goldwater | Mark Steedman

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Horse or pony? Visual typicality and lexical frequency affect variability in object naming
Eleonora Gualdoni | Andreas Madebach | Thomas Brochhagen | Gemma Boleda

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Learning Input Strictly Local Functions: Comparing Approaches with Catalan Adjectives
Alex Shilen | Colin Wilson