First Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Antonio Zampoili (Editor)

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Pisa, Italy
Association for Computational Linguistics
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First Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Antonio Zampoili

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Abstract Control Structures and the Semantics of Quantifiers
Steven Cushing

pdf bib
L’idee De Grammaire Avec Le Contexte Naturel
Leszek Haduch

pdf bib
Iterative Operations
Sae Yamada

pdf bib
Structure of Sentence and Inferencing in Question Answering
Eva Hajicova | Petr Sgall

pdf bib
A Phonological Processor for Italian
Rodolfo Delmonte

pdf bib
An Expert System for the Production of Phoneme Strings From Unmarked English Text Using Machine-Induced Rules
Alberto Maria Segre | Bruce Arne Sherwood | Wayne B. Dickerson

pdf bib
Vocal Interface for a Man-Machine Dialog
Dominique Beroule

pdf bib
Knowledge Engineering Approach to Morphological Analysis
Harri Jäppinen | Aarno Lehtola | Esa Nelimarkka | Matti Ylilammi

pdf bib
A Prolog Implementation of Lexical Functional Grammar as a Base for a Natural Language Processing System
Werner Frey | Uwe Reyle

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Extended Access to the Left Context in an ATN Parser
Irina Prodanof | Giacomo Ferrari

pdf bib
An Experiment With Heuristic Parsing of Swedish
Benny Brodda

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Towards the Semantics of Sentence Adverbials
Eva Koktova

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Dealing With Conjunctions in a Machine Translation Environment
Xiuming Huang

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Fallible Rationalism and Machine Translation
Geoffrey Sampson

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The Generation of Term Definitions From an On-Line Terminological Thesaurus
John McNaught

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Relating Syntax and Semantics: The Syntactico-Semantic Lexicon of the System VIE-LANG
Ingeborg Steinacker | Ernst Buchberger

pdf bib
An Island Parsing Interpreter for the Full Augmented Transition Network Formalism
John A. Carroll

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WEDNESDAY: Parsing Flexible Word Order Languages
Oliviero Stock | Cristiano Castelfranchi | Domenico Parisi

pdf bib
How to Parse Gaps in Spoken Utterances
G. Goerz | C. Beckstein

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A Flexible Natural Language Parser Based on a Two-Level Representation of Syntax
Leonardo Lesmo | Pietro Torasso

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An Approach to Natural Language in the SI-Nets Paradigm
Amedeo Cappelli | Lorenzo Moretti

pdf bib
An Experiment on Synthesis of Russian Parametric Constructions
I.S. Kononenko | E.L. Pershina

pdf bib
Learning Translation Skills With a Knowledge-Based Tutor: French-Italian Conjunctions in Context
Stefano A. Cerri

pdf bib
Towards Better Understanding of Anaphora
Barbara Dunin-Keplicz

pdf bib
Rules for Pronominalization
Franz Guenthner | Hubert Lehmann

pdf bib
Local and Global Structures in Discourse Understanding
M. Koit | S. Litvak | H. Oim | T. Roosmaa | M. Saluveer

pdf bib
Systemic Grammar in Computation: The Nigel Case
Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen

pdf bib
Inquiry Semantics: A Functional Semantics of Natural Language Grammar
William C. Mann

pdf bib
Natural Language Input for Scene Generation
Giovanni Adorni | Mauro Di Manzo

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A Multilevel Approach to Handle Non-Standard Input
Manfred Gehrke

pdf bib
Case Role Filling as a Side Effect of Visual Search
Heinz Marburger | Wolfgang Wahlster

pdf bib
Natural Language Information Retrieval System Dialog
L. Bole | K. Kochut | A. Lesniewski | T. Strzalkowski