Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing

Yih-Ru Wang, Zaho-Ming Gao (Editors)

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Hsinchu, Taiwan
The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP)
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Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing
Yih-Ru Wang | Zaho-Ming Gao

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以語料為基礎的中文語篇連貫關係自動標記 (Corpus-Based Coherence Relation Tagging in Chinese Discourse) [In Chinese]
Shoou-Yi Cheng | Dian-Song Wu | Tyne Liang

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中文動詞名物化判斷的統計式模型設計 (A Stochastic Model for Prediction of Deverbal Nouns in Mandarin Chinese) [In Chinese]
Wei-Yun Ma | Chu-Ren Huang

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大規模詞彙語意關係自動標示之初步研究: 以中文詞網(Chinese Wordnet)為例 (A Preliminary Study on Large-scale Automatic Labeling of Lexical Semantic Relations: A Case study of Chinese Wordnet) [In Chinese]
Shu-Kai Hsieh | Petr Šimon | Chu-Ren Huang

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Automatic Learning of Context-Free Grammar
Tai-Hung Chen | Chun-Han Tseng | Chia-Ping Chen

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Improve Parsing Performance by Self-Learning
Yu-Ming Hsieh | Duen-Chi Yang | Keh-Jiann Chen

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國語雙字語詞聲調評分系統 (A Scoring System for Mandarin Tones Uttered in Disyllabic Words) [In Chinese]
Hung-Yan Gu | Shih-Yan Sun | Hsiao-Fen Chang

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一種用於網路電話之遺失封包補償方法 (A Packet Loss Concealment Method for Voice over IP ) [In Chinese]
Hung-Yan Gu | Zia-Sin Chen

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基於字詞內容之適應性對話系統 (MAGEN: An Adaptive Conversational System based on Terms) [In Chinese]
Yu-De Chu | Chia-Hui Chang

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一種適用於大量連續語料的語音文句校準方法 (A Speech-Text Alignment Method for Large Continuous Speech Corpus) [In Chinese]
Shih-Chieh Chien | Hsin-Chang Chang

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利用聲學與文脈分析於多語語音辨識單元之產生 (Generation of Phonetic Units for Multilingual Speech Recognition Based on Acoustic and Contextual Analysis) [In Chinese]
Shih-Hao Wang | Chien-Lin Huang | Chung-Hsien Wu

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統計圖等化法於雜訊語音辨識之進一步研究 (An Improved Histogram Equalization Approach for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Shih-Hsiang Lin | Yao-Ming Yeh | Berlin Chen

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應用不定長度特徵之條件隨機域於口語不流暢語流修正 (Disfluency Correction of Spontaneous Speech using Conditional Random Fields with Variable Length Features) [In Chinese]
Jui-Feng Yeh | Wei-Yen Wu | Chung-Hsien Wu

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鑑別性事前資訊應用於強健性語音辨識 (Robust Speech Recognition Using Discriminative Prior Statistics) [In Chinese]
Chuan-Wei Ting | Bo-Shu Wu | Jen-Tzung Chien

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結合韻律與聲學訊息之強健性漢語語者驗證系統 (Incorporating Prosodic with Acoustic information for Robust Speaker Verification) [In Chinese]
Wen-Chieh Chang | Ding-Yun Chen | Zi-He Chen | Zhi-Ren Zeng | Yuan-Fu Liao | Yau-Tang Juang

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Personalized Optimal Search in Local Query Expansion
Shan-Mu Lin | Chuen-Min Huang

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以本體論為基礎之新聞事件檢索與瀏覽 (Event-based News Retrieval and View on Ontology Theory) [In Chinese]
Meng-yuan Hsu | Chuen-Min Huang

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以部落格文本進行情緒分類之研究 (A Study of Emotion Classification Using Blog Articles) [In Chinese]
Chang-Hua Yang | Hsin-Hsi Chen

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MiniJudge: Software for minimalist experimental syntax
James Myers

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基於特製隱藏式馬可夫模型之中文斷詞研究 (Chinese Word Segmentation using Specialized HMM) [In Chinese]
Qian-Xiang Lin | Chia-Hui Chang

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以字串特徵做為文本資料之錯誤偵測 (Textual Data Error Detection based on String Features) [In Chinese]
Jyi-Shane Liu | Yung-Wei Cheng

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Learning to Parse Bilingual Sentences Using Bilingual Corpus and Monolingual CFG
Chung-Chi Huang | Jason S. Chang

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使用流暢性改善詞組翻譯的統計式機器翻譯 (Using Phrase and Fluency to Improve Statistical Machine Translation) [In Chinese]
Min-Shiang Shia | Yao-Sheng Chang | Wen-Xiang Lu

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An Evaluation of Adopting Language Model as the Checker of Preposition Usage
Shih-Hung Wu | Chen-Yu Su