Proceedings of the 27th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2015)

Sin-Horng Chen, Hsin-Min Wang, Jen-Tzung Chien (Editors)

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Hsinchu, Taiwan
The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP)
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Proceedings of the 27th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2015)
Sin-Horng Chen | Hsin-Min Wang | Jen-Tzung Chien

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表示法學習技術於節錄式語音文件摘要之研究(A Study on Representation Learning Techniques for Extractive Spoken Document Summarization) [In Chinese]
Kai-Wun Shih | Berlin Chen | Kuan-Yu Chen | Shih-Hung Liu | Hsin-Min Wang

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使用詞向量表示與概念資訊於中文大詞彙連續語音辨識之語言模型調適(Exploring Word Embedding and Concept Information for Language Model Adaptation in Mandarin Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Ssu-Cheng Chen | Kuan-Yu Chen | Hsiao-Tsung Hung | Berlin Chen

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結合β距離與圖形正規限制式之非負矩陣分解應用於單通道訊號源分離(Monaural Source Separation Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Graph Regularization Constraint) [In Chinese]
Yan-Bo Lin | Pham Tuan | Yuan-Shan Lee | Jia-Ching Wang

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以自然語言處理方法研發智慧型客語無聲調拼音輸入法 (Smart Toneless Pinyin Input Method for Hakka Based on Natural Language Processing) [In Chinese]
Hsin-Wei Lin | Ming-Shing Yu | Feng-Long Huang | Jiun-Wei Wei

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《全唐詩》的分析、探勘與應用-風格、對仗、社會網路與對聯(Textual Analysis of Complete Tang Poems for Discoveries and Applications - Style, Antitheses, Social Networks, and Couplets)[In Chinese]
Chao-Lin Liu | Chun-Ning Chang | Chu-Ting Hsu | Wen-Hui Cheng | Hongsu Wang | Wei-Yun Chiu

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Designing a Tag-Based Statistical Math Word Problem Solver with Reasoning and Explanation
Chien-Tsung Huang | Yi-Chung Lin | Chao-Chun Liang | Kuang-Yi Hsu | Shen-Yun Miao | Wei-Yun Ma | Lun-Wen Ku | Churn-Jung Liau | Keh-Yih Su

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Explanation Generation for a Math Word Problem Solver
Chien-Tsung Huang | Yi-Chung Lin | Keh-Yih Su

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可讀性預測於中小學國語文教科書及優良課外讀物之研究(A Study of Readability Prediction on Elementary and Secondary Chinese Textbooks and Excellent Extracurricular Reading Materials) [In Chinese]
Yi-Nian Liu | Kuan-Yu Chen | Hou-Chiang Tseng | Berlin Chen

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基於貝氏定理自動分析語料庫與標定文步 (A Bayesian approach to determine move tags in corpus) [In Chinese]
Jia-Lien Hsu | Chiung-Wen Chang | Jason S. Chang

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調變頻譜分解之改良於強健性語音辨識(Several Refinements of Modulation Spectrum Factorization for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
Ting-Hao Chang | Hsiao-Tsung Hung | Kuan-Yu Chen | Hsin-Min Wang | Berlin Chen

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融合多種深層類神經網路聲學模型與分類技術於華語錯誤發音檢測之研究(Exploring Combinations of Various Deep Neural Network based Acoustic Models and Classification Techniques for Mandarin Mispro-nunciation Detection)[In Chinese]
Yao-Chi Hsu | Ming-Han Yang | Hsiao-Tsung Hung | Yuwen Hsiung | Yao-Ting Hung | Berlin Chen

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透過語音特徵建構基於堆疊稀疏自編碼器演算法之婚姻治療中夫妻互動行為量表自動化評分系統(Automating Behavior Coding for Distressed Couples Interactions Based on Stacked Sparse Autoencoder Framework using Speech-acoustic Features)[In Chinese]
Po-Hsuan Chen | Chi-Chun Lee

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語音增強基於小腦模型控制器(A Speech Enhancement System Based on Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller) [In Chinese]
Hao-Chun Chu | Jung-Hsi Lee | Shih-Hau Fang | Chih-Min Lin | Yun-Fan Chang | Yu Tsao

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類神經網路訓練結合環境群集及專家混合系統於強健性語音辨識(Automatic Speech Recognition using Neural Network based Acoustic Model with the Environment Clustering and Mixture of Experts Algorithms) [In Chinese]
Chia-Yung Hsu | Jia-Ching Wang | Yu Tsao

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基於已知名稱搜尋結果的網路實體辨識模型建立工具(A Tool for Web NER Model Generation Using Search Snippets of Known Entities) [In Chinese]
Ya-Yun Huang | Chia-Hui Chang | Chien-Lung Chou

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Word Co-occurrence Augmented Topic Model in Short Text
Guan-Bin Chen | Hung-Yu Kao

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基於 Word2Vec 詞向量的網路情緒文和流行音樂媒合方法之研究(Matching Internet Mood Essays with Pop-Music Based on Word2Vec)[In Chinese]
Pin-Chu Wen | Yi-Lin Tsai | Tzong-Han Tsai

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基於Web之商家景點擷取與資料庫建置(Points of Interest Extraction from Unstructured Web)[In Chinese]
Ting-Yao Kao | Hsiu-Min Chuang | Chia-Hui Chang

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運用關聯分析探勘民眾關注議題與發展方向:以環保議題為例(Mining Issues of Public Concern by Association Analysis: Using Environmental Issue as an Example)[In Chinese]
Chieh-Jen Wang | Min-Hsin Shen

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现代汉语语义词典多义词词库的校正和再修订(New Editing and Checking Work of the Semantic Knowledge Base of Contemporary Chinese (SKCC))[In Chinese]
Yunfei Long | Yuefeng Bian | Weiguang Qu | Rubing Dai

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以語言模型判斷學習者文句流暢度(Analyzing Learners ‘Writing Fluency Based on Language Model)[In Chinese]
Po-Lin Chen | Shih-Hung Wu

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The word complexity measure (WCM) in early phonological development: A longitudinal study from birth to three years old
Li-mei Chen | Yi-Hsiang Liu

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Learning Knowledge from User Search
Yen-Kuan Lee | Kun-Ta Chuang

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部落客憂鬱傾向分析與預測(Analysis and Prediction of Blogger’s Depression Tendency)[In Chinese]
Chia-Ming Tung | Wen-Hsiang Lu

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結合ANN、全域變異數與真實軌跡挑選之基週軌跡產生方法(A Pitch-contour Generation Method Combining ANN Prediction,Global Variance Matching, and Real-contour Selection)[In Chinese]
Hung-Yan Gu | Kai-Wei Jiang | Hao Wang

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運用Python結合語音辨識及合成技術於自動化音文同步之實作(A Python Implementation of Automatic Speech-text Synchronization Using Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Technology)[In Chinese]
ChunHan Lai | Chao-Kai Chang | Ren-Yuan Lyu

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結合非線性動態特徵之語音情緒辨識(Speech Emotion Recognition via Nonlinear Dynamical Features)[In Chinese]
Chu-Hsuan Lin | Yen-Sheng Chen