Proceedings of the 10th Research on Computational Linguistics International Conference

Keh-Jiann Chen, Chu-Ren Huang, Richard Sproat (Editors)

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Taipei, Taiwan
The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP)
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Proceedings of the 10th Research on Computational Linguistics International Conference
Keh-Jiann Chen | Chu-Ren Huang | Richard Sproat

pdf bib
Meaning Representation and Meaning Instantiation for Chinese Nominals
Kathleen Ahrens | Li-li Chang | Keh-Jiann Chen | Chu-Ren Huang

pdf bib
Semantic Similarity Based on Corpus Statistics and Lexical Taxonomy
Jay J. Jiang | David W. Conrath

pdf bib
Towards a Representation of Verbal Semantics – An Approach Based on Near Synonyms
Mei-chih Tsai | Chu-Ren Huang | Keh-jiann Chen | Kathleen Ahrens

pdf bib
Word Sense Disambiguation Based on The Information Theory
Ho Lee | Dae-Ho Baek | Hae-Chang Rim

pdf bib
An Agreement Error Correction Method Based on a Multicriteria Approach: An Application to Arabic Language
Lamia Belguith Hadrich | Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou | Chafik Aloulou

pdf bib
Incorporating Bigram Constraints into an LR Table
Hiroki Imai | Hui Li | Hozumi Tanaka

pdf bib
A Level-synchronous Approach to Ill-formed Sentence Parsing
Yi-Chung Lin | Keh-Yih Su

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The Application of the Similarities Between the Morphemes of the English and Chinese Languages to Represent Chinese Characters Phonetically with English Letters to Facilitate Computer Applications Manually and By Voice with the Character-Based Languages Chinese, Japanese And Korean
Stanley K. Chan

pdf bib
A Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Model for Automatic Compound Word Extraction
Jing-Shin Chang | Keh-Yih Su

pdf bib
Proper Name Extraction from Web Pages for Finding People in Internet
Hsin-Hsi Chen | Guo-Wei Bian

pdf bib
Unknown Word Detection for Chinese by a Corpus-based Learning Method
Keh-Jiann Chen | Ming-Hong Bai

pdf bib
Analyzing the Complexity of a Domain With Respect To An Information Extraction Task
Amit Bagga | Alan W. Biermann

pdf bib
Human Judgment as a Basis for Evaluation of Discourse-Connective-based Full-text Abstraction in Chinese
Benjamin K. T’sou | Hing-Lung Lin | Tom B. Y. Lai

pdf bib
An Assessment on Character-based Chinese News Filtering Using Latent Semantic Indexing
Shih-Hung Wu | Pey-Ching Yang | Von-Wun Soo

pdf bib
Integrating Long-Distance Language Modeling to Phoneme-to-Text Conversion
Tai-Hsuan Ho | Kae-Cherng Yang | Juei-Sung Lin | Lin-Shan Lee

pdf bib
Automatic Speaker Identification Based on Fuzzy Theory and Neural Network Using Genetic Algorithm
Ching-Tang Hsieh | Eugene Lai | You-Chuang Wang

pdf bib
A General Public Application of Pedagogic and Linguistic Vocations of Speech Synthesis: Ordictée
Marc Guyomard | Jacques Siroux | Dominique Pernici | Christophe Royer

pdf bib
A Conversational Agent for Food-ordering Dialog Based on VenusDictate
Hsien-Chang Wang | Jhing-Fa Wang | Yi-Nan Liu

pdf bib
Truncation on Combined Word-Based and Class-Based Language Model Using Kullback-Leibler Distance Criterion
Kae-Cherng Yang | Tai-Hsuan Ho | Juei-Sung Lin | Lin-Shan Lee

pdf bib
Recognizing Korean Unknown Proper Nouns by Using Automatically Extracted Lexical Clues
Bong-Rae Park | Young-Sook Hwang | Hae-Chang Rim

pdf bib
Logical Operators and Quantifiers in Natural Language
Shin-ichiro Kamei | Kazunori Muraki

pdf bib
Chinese Text Compression Using Chinese Language Information Processing [In Chinese]
Jun Gao | Xixian Chen

pdf bib
Combining Multiword Units into a Hidden Markov Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging
Jae-Hoon Kim

pdf bib
A Robust Keyword Spotting System for Mandarin Speech
Chung-Hung Chien | Hsiao-Chuan Wang

pdf bib
A First Study on Mandarin Prosodic State Detection
Yuan-Fu Liao | Wern-Jun Wang | Shu-Ling Lee | Sin-Horng Chen

pdf bib
Rejection in Speech Recognition Based on CDCPMs
Mingxing Xu | Fang Zheng | Wenhu Wu