Proceedings of the ACL Student Research Workshop

Chris Callison-Burch, Stephen Wan (Editors)

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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the ACL Student Research Workshop
Chris Callison-Burch | Stephen Wan

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Hybrid Methods for POS Guessing of Chinese Unknown Words
Xiaofei Lu

pdf bib
Understanding the Thematic Structure of the Qur’an: An Exploratory Multivariate Approach
Naglaa Thabet

pdf bib
An Extensive Empirical Study of Collocation Extraction Methods
Pavel Pecina

pdf bib
Jointly Labeling Multiple Sequences: A Factorial HMM Approach
Kevin Duh

pdf bib
Exploiting Named Entity Taggers in a Second Language
Thamar Solorio

pdf bib
Automatic Discovery of Intentions in Text and its Application to Question Answering
Marta Tatu

pdf bib
American Sign Language Generation: Multimodal NLG with Multiple Linguistic Channels
Matt Huenerfauth

pdf bib
Using Emoticons to Reduce Dependency in Machine Learning Techniques for Sentiment Classification
Jonathon Read

pdf bib
Learning Meronyms from Biomedical Text
Angus Roberts

pdf bib
Using Readers to Identify Lexical Cohesive Structures in Texts
Beata Beigman Klebanov

pdf bib
Towards an Optimal Lexicalization in a Natural-Sounding Portable Natural Language Generator for Dialog Systems
Inge M. R. De Bleecker

pdf bib
Phrase Linguistic Classification and Generalization for Improving Statistical Machine Translation
Adrià de Gispert

pdf bib
Automatic Induction of a CCG Grammar for Turkish
Ruken Çakıcı

pdf bib
Dialogue Act Tagging for Instant Messaging Chat Sessions
Edward Ivanovic

pdf bib
Learning Strategies for Open-Domain Natural Language Question Answering
Eugene Grois

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Dependency-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Heidi Fox

pdf bib
Minimalist Parsing of Subjects Displaced from Embedded Clauses in Free Word Order Languages
Asad B. Sayeed

pdf bib
Centrality Measures in Text Mining: Prediction of Noun Phrases that Appear in Abstracts
Zhuli Xie

pdf bib
A Corpus-Based Approach to Topic in Danish dialog
Philip Diderichsen | Jakob Elming

pdf bib
Learning Information Structure in the Prague Treebank
Oana Postolache

pdf bib
Speech Recognition of Czech—Inclusion of Rare Words Helps
Petr Podveský | Pavel Machek

pdf bib
Using Bilingual Dependencies to Align Words in English/French Parallel Corpora
Sylwia Ozdowska

pdf bib
An Unsupervised System for Identifying English Inclusions in German Text
Beatrice Alex

pdf bib
Corpus-Oriented Development of Japanese HPSG Parsers
Kazuhiro Yoshida

pdf bib
Unsupervised Discrimination and Labeling of Ambiguous Names
Anagha Kulkarni

pdf bib
A Domain-Specific Statistical Surface Realizer
Jeffrey Russell