17th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

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La Jolla, California, USA
Association for Computational Linguistics
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17th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

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Syntactic Processing
Martin Kay

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Towards a Self-Extending Parser
Jaime G. Carbonell

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Word Expert Parsing
Steven L. Small

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Schank/Riesbeck vs. Norman/Rumelhart: What’s the Difference?
Marc Eisenstadt

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Toward a Computational Theory of Speech Perception
Jonathan All

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Ungrammaticality and Extra-Grammaticality in Natural Language Understanding Systems
Stan C. Kwasny | Norman K. Sondheimer

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Generalized Augmented Transitiom Network Grammars for Generation From Semantic Networks
Stuart C. Shapiro

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Knowledge Organization and Application: Brief Comments on Papers in the Session
Aravind K. Joshi

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Taxonomy, Descriptions, and Individuals in Natural Language Understanding
Ronald J. Brachman

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Semantics of Conceptual Graphs
John F. Sowa

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On the Automatic Transformation of Class Membership Criteria
Barbara C. Sangster

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A Snapshot of KDS: A Knowledge Delivery System
James A. Moore | William C. Mann

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The Use of Object-Specific Knowledge In Natural Language Processing
Mark H. Burstein

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Reading With a Purpose
Michael Lebowitz

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Discourse: Codes and Clues in Contexts
Jane J. Robinson

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Paraphrasing Using Given and New Information in a Question-Answer System
Kathleen R. McKeown

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Where Questions
Benny Shanon

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The Role Of Focussing in Interpretation of Pronouns
Candace L. Sidner

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The Structure and Process of Talking About Doing
James A. Levin | Edwin L. Hutchins

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Design for Dialogue Comprehension
William C. Mann

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Plans, Inference, and Indirect Speech Acts
James F. Allen

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David G. Hays

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EUFID: A Friendly and Flexible Front-End for Data Management Systems
Marjorie Templeton

An Application of Automated Language Understanding Techniques to the Generation of Data Base Elements
Georgette Silva | Christine Montgomery | Don Dwiggins

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Response Generation in Question - Answering Systems
Ralph Grishman

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Natural Language Input to a Computer-Based Glaucoma Consultation System
Victor B. Ciesielski

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Prospects for Computer-Assisted Dialect Adaption
David J. Weber | William C. Mann

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Powerful ideas in computational linquistics - Implications for problem solving, and education
Gerhard Fischer