Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2004

Ash Asudeh, Cecile Paris, Stephen Wan (Editors)

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Sydney, Australia
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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2004
Ash Asudeh | Cecile Paris | Stephen Wan

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Complex, Corpus-Driven, Syntactic Features for Word Sense Disambiguation
Ari Chanen | Jon Patrick

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Answerfinder: Question Answering by Combining Lexical, Syntactic and Semantic Information
Diego Molla | Mary Gardiner

pdf bib
Using WordNet Domains In A Supervised Learning Word Sense Disambiguation System
David Bell | Jon Patrick

pdf bib
Using a Trie-based Structure for Question Analysis
Luiz Augusto Sangoi Pizzato

pdf bib
An Evaluation on Query-biased Summarisation for the Question Answering Task
Mingfang Wu | Ross Wilkinson | Cecile Paris

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Thin Parsing: A Balance between Wide Scale Parsing and Chunking
Jon Patrick | Pham Hong Nguyen

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Implementing a lexicalised statistical parser
Corrin Lakeland | Alistair Knott

pdf bib
Controlled Natural Language meets the SemanticWeb
Rolf Schwitter | Marc Tilbrook

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Information Assembly for Automatic Content Adaptation
Andrew Lampert | Cecile Paris

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Referring Expression Generation as a Search Problem
Bernd Bohnet | Robert Dale

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A Meta-grammar for CCG
Mark Foreman | Daniel McMichael

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Intelligent Multi Media Presentation of information in a semi-immersive Command and Control environment
Cecile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Dominique Estival

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Selecting Systemic Features for Text Classification
Casey Whitelaw | Jon Patrick

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A framework for utterance disambiguation in dialogue
Pont Lurcock | Peter Vlugter | Alistair Knott

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Maximum Entropy Markov Models for Semantic Role Labelling
Phil Blunsom

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A New Measure for Extracting Semantically Related Words
Yuanyong Wang | Achim Hoffmann

pdf bib
Representing and Rendering Linguistic Paradigms
David Penton | Steven Bird

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Tauira: A tool for acquiring unknown words in a dialogue context
Maarten van Schagen | Alistair Knott

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Querying and Updating Treebanks: A Critical Survey and Requirements Analysis
Catherine Lai | Steven Bird

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Converting the Penn Treebank to Systemic Functional Grammar
Matthew Honnibal

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Selection Preference Basede Verb Sense Disambiguation Using WordNet
Patrick Ye

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Differentiating Types of Verb Particle Constructions
Jon Patrick | Jeremy Fletcher