Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2007

Nathalie Colineau, Mark Dras (Editors)

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Melbourne, Australia
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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2007
Nathalie Colineau | Mark Dras

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Text Mining Techniques for Building a Biolexicon
Sophia Ananiadou

pdf bib
Does Language Technology Offer Anything to Small Languages?
Nick Thieberger

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Measures of Measurements: Robust Evaluation of Search Systems
Justin Zobel

pdf bib
Entailment due to Syntactically Encoded Semantic Relationships
Elena Akhmatova | Mark Dras

pdf bib
Measuring Correlation Between Linguist’s Judgments and Latent Dirichlet Allocation Topics
Ari Chanen | Jon Patrick

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TAT: An Author Profiling Tool with Application to Arabic Emails
Dominique Estival | Tanja Gaustad | Son Bao Pham | Will Radford | Ben Hutchinson

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Exploring Approaches to Discriminating among Near-Synonyms
Mary Gardiner | Mark Dras

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Practical Queries of a Massive n-gram Database
Tobias Hawker | Mary Gardiner | Andrew Bennetts

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Extending Sense Collocations in Interpreting Noun Compounds
Su Nam Kim | Meladel Mistica | Timothy Baldwin

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Named Entity Recognition in Question Answering of Speech Data
Diego Mollá | Menno van Zaanen | Steve Cassidy

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Experiments in Mutual Exclusion Bootstrapping
Tara Murphy | James Curran

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Charting Democracy Across Parsers
Scott Nowson | Robert Dale

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Two-Step Comprehensive Open Domain Text Annotation with Frame Semantics
Bahadorreza Ofoghi | John Yearwood | Liping Ma

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Question Prediction Language Model
Luiz Augusto Pizzato | Diego Mollá

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Exploring Abbreviation Expansion for Genomic Information Retrieval
Nicola Stokes | Yi Li | Lawrence Cavedon | Justin Zobel

pdf bib
Parsing Internal Noun Phrase Structure with Collins’ Models
David Vadas | James R. Curran

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An Empirical Investigation into Grammatically Constrained Contexts in Predicting Distributional Similarity
Dongqiang Yang | David Powers

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Dictionary Alignment for Context-sensitive Word Glossing
Willy Yap | Timothy Baldwin

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Statistical Machine Translation of Australian Aboriginal Languages: Morphological Analysis with Languages of Differing Morphological Richness
Simon Zwarts | Mark Dras

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Exploring Extensions to Machine-learning based Gene Normalisation
Benjamin Goudey | Nicola Stokes | David Martinez

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Distributional Similarity of Multi-Word Expressions
Laura Ingram | James Curran

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Extending CCGbank with Quotes and Multi-modal CCG
Daniel Tse | James Curran