Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2008

Nicola Stokes, David Powers (Editors)

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Hobart, Australia
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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2008
Nicola Stokes | David Powers

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Syntactic and Semantic Structure in Web Search Queries
Rosie Jones

pdf bib
Answer Attenuation in Question Answering
Katie Bell | James R. Curran

pdf bib
Using Multiple Sources of Agreement Information for Sentiment Classification of Political Transcripts
Clint Burfoot

pdf bib
All-Topology, Semi-Abstract Syntactic Features for Text Categorization
Ari Chanen | Jon Patrick

pdf bib
Lexical Access via Phoneme to Grapheme Conversion
Michael Fridkin | David Dowe | Simon Musgrave

pdf bib
Automatic Acquisition of Training Data for Statistical Parsers
Susan Howlett | James R. Curran

pdf bib
Writing Support for Controlled Natural Languages
Tobias Kuhn | Rolf Schwitter

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Classification of Verb Particle Constructions with the Google Web1T Corpus
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | James R. Curran

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Requests and Commitments in Email are More Complex Than You Think: Eight Reasons to be Cautious
Andrew Lampert | Robert Dale | Cécile Paris

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Text Mining Based Query Expansion for Chinese IR
Zhihan Li | Yue Xu | Shlomo Geva

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Automatic Event Reference Identification
Olivia March | Timothy Baldwin

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Comparing the Value of Latent Semantic Analysis on two English-to-Indonesian lexical mapping tasks
Eliza Margaretha | Ruli Manurung

pdf bib
Weighted Mutual Exclusion Bootstrapping for Domain Independent Lexicon and Template Acquisition
Tara McIntosh | James R. Curran

pdf bib
Investigating Features for Classifying Noun Relations
Dominick Ng | David J. Kedziora | Terry T. W. Miu | James R. Curran

pdf bib
Learning Count Classifier Preferences of Malay Nouns
Jeremy Nicholson | Timothy Baldwin

pdf bib
Transforming Wikipedia into Named Entity Training Data
Joel Nothman | James R. Curran | Tara Murphy

pdf bib
Fit it in but say it well!
Cécile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Andrew Lampert | Joan Giralt Duran

pdf bib
A Two-Level Morphological Analyser for the Indonesian Language
Femphy Pisceldo | Rahmad Mahendra | Ruli Manurung | I Wayan Arka

pdf bib
Punctuation Normalisation for Cleaner Treebanks and Parsers
Daniel Tse | James Curran

pdf bib
Generating Relational References: What Makes a Difference?
Jette Viethen | Robert Dale

pdf bib
Morphosyntactic Target Language Matching in Statistical Machine Translation
Simon Zwarts | Mark Dras