Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2011

Diego Molla, David Martinez (Editors)

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Canberra, Australia
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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2011
Diego Molla | David Martinez

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Discovery in Text: Visualisation, Topics and Statistics
Wray Buntine

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OzCLO: The Australian Computational Linguistic Olympiad
Dominique Estival

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Automatic Grading of Evidence: the 2011 ALTA Shared Task
Diego Molla | Abeed Sarker

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A Particle Filter algorithm for Bayesian Wordsegmentation
Benjamin Börschinger | Mark Johnson

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Formalizing Semantic Parsing with Tree Transducers
Bevan Jones | Mark Johnson | Sharon Goldwater

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Parsing in Parallel on Multiple Cores and GPUs
Mark Johnson

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Using Language Models and Latent Semantic Analysis to Characterise the N400m Neural Response
Mehdi Parviz | Mark Johnson | Blake Johnson | Jon Brock

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A Forensic Authorship Classification in SMS Messages: A Likelihood Ratio Based Approach Using N-gram
Shunichi Ishihara

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Classifying Domain-Specific Terms Using a Dictionary
Su Nam Kim | Lawrence Cavedon

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Frontier Pruning for Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing
Stephen Merity | James Curran

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Predicting Thread Linking Structure by Lexical Chaining
Li Wang | Diana McCarthy | Timothy Baldwin

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Development of a Corpus for Evidence Based Medicine Summarisation
Diego Molla | Maria Elena Santiago-Martinez

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Collocations in Multilingual Natural Language Generation: Lexical Functions meet Lexical Functional Grammar
François Lareau | Mark Dras | Benjamin Börschinger | Robert Dale

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Outcome Polarity Identification of Medical Papers
Abeed Sarker | Diego Molla | Cécile Paris

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Topic Modeling for Native Language Identification
Sze-Meng Jojo Wong | Mark Dras | Mark Johnson

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A word-based approach for diacritic restoration in Māori
John Cocks | Te Taka Keegan

pdf bib
The Interpretation of Complement Anaphorae: the case of The Others
Nobuagi Akagi | Francesco-Alessio Ursini

pdf bib
The Interpretation of Plural Pronouns in Discourse: The Case of They
Francesco-Alessio Ursini | Nobuagi Akagi

pdf bib
Learning from student responses: A domain-independent natural language tutor
Jenny Mcdonald | Alistair Knott | Richard Zeng | Ayelet Cohen

pdf bib
Detection of child exploiting chats from a mixed chat dataset as a text classification task
Md. Waliur Rahman Miah | John Yearwood | Sid Kulkarni

pdf bib
ENGAGE: Automated Gestures for Animated Characters
Marcin Nowina-Krowicki | Andrew Zschorn | Michael Pilling | Steven Wark