Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2015

Ben Hachey, Kellie Webster (Editors)

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Parramatta, Australia
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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2015
Ben Hachey | Kellie Webster

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Query-Based Single Document Summarization Using an Ensemble Noisy Auto-Encoder
Mahmood Yousefi Azar | Kairit Sirts | Diego Mollá Aliod | Len Hamey

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Comparison of Visual and Logical Character Segmentation in Tesseract OCR Language Data for Indic Writing Scripts
Jennifer Biggs

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Analysis of Word Embeddings and Sequence Features for Clinical Information Extraction
Lance De Vine | Mahnoosh Kholghi | Guido Zuccon | Laurianne Sitbon | Anthony Nguyen

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Using Entity Information from a Knowledge Base to Improve Relation Extraction
Lan Du | Anish Kumar | Mark Johnson | Massimiliano Ciaramita

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Likelihood Ratio-based Forensic Voice Comparison on L2 speakers: A Case of Hong Kong native male production of English vowels
Daniel Frost | Shunichi Ishihara

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Similarity Metrics for Clustering PubMed Abstracts for Evidence Based Medicine
Hamed Hassanzadeh | Diego Mollá | Tudor Groza | Anthony Nguyen | Jane Hunter

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Finding Names in Trove: Named Entity Recognition for Australian Historical Newspapers
Sunghwan Mac Kim | Steve Cassidy

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Clinical Information Extraction Using Word Representations
Shervin Malmasi | Hamed Hassanzadeh | Mark Dras

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How few is too few? Determining the minimum acceptable number of LSA dimensions to visualise text cohesion with Lex
Caroline McKinnon | Ibtehal Baazeem | Daniel Angus

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Domain Adaption of Named Entity Recognition to Support Credit Risk Assessment
Julio Cesar Salinas Alvarado | Karin Verspoor | Timothy Baldwin

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Do POS Tags Help to Learn Better Morphological Segmentations?
Kairit Sirts | Mark Johnson

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Structural Alignment as the Basis to Improve Significant Change Detection in Versioned Sentences
Ping Ping Tan | Karin Verspoor | Tim Miller

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More Efficient Topic Modelling Through a Noun Only Approach
Fiona Martin | Mark Johnson

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Improving Topic Coherence with Latent Feature Word Representations in MAP Estimation for Topic Modeling
Dat Quoc Nguyen | Kairit Sirts | Mark Johnson

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Understanding engagement with insurgents through retweet rhetoric
Joel Nothman | Atif Ahmad | Christoph Breidbach | David Malet | Timothy Baldwin

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A comparison and analysis of models for event trigger detection
Sam Shang Chun Wei | Ben Hachey

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Overview of the 2015 ALTA Shared Task: Identifying French Cognates in English Text
Laurianne Sitbon | Diego Molla | Haoxing Wang

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Cognate Identification using Machine Translation
Shervin Malmasi | Mark Dras

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Word Transformation Heuristics Agains Lexicons for Cognate Detection
Alexandra Uitdenbogerd

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Detecting English-French Cognates Using Orthographic Edit Distance
Qiongkai Xu | Albert Chen | Chang Li