Proceedings of the 5th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue at HLT-NAACL 2004

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April 30 - May 1
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the 5th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue at HLT-NAACL 2004

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Usability and Acceptability Studies of Conversational Virtual Human Technology
Curry Guinn | Robert Hubal | Geoffrey Frank | Henry Schwetzke | James Zimmer | Sarah Backus | Robin Deterding | Michael Link | Polly Armsby | Rachel Caspar | Laura Flicker | Wendy Visscher | Amanda Meehan | Harvey Zelon

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Stochastic Language Generation in a Dialogue System: Toward a Domain Independent Generator
Nathanael Chambers | James Allen

pdf bib
Conversational Dialogue Management in the FASiL project
Kerry Robinson | David Horowitz | Emilio Bobadilla | Mark Lascelles | Ana Suarez

pdf bib
The NICE Fairy-tale Game System
Joakim Gustafson | Linda Bell | Johan Boye | Anders Lindström | Mats Wirén

pdf bib
Combining Acoustic Confidences and Pragmatic Plausibility for Classifying Spoken Chess Move Instructions
Malte Gabsdil

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Semi-Automatic Generation of Dialogue Applications in the GEMINI Project
Stefan Hamerich | Volker Schubert | Volker Schless | Ricardo de Córdoba | José M. Pardo | Luis F. d’Haro | Basilis Kladis | Otilia Kocsis | Stefan Igel

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A View on Dialogue Move Taxonomies for Tutorial Dialogues
Dimitra Tsovaltzi | Elena Karagjosova

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Other-Initiated Self-Repairs in Estonian Information Dialogues: Solving Communication Problems in Cooperation
Olga Gerassimenko | Tiit Hennoste | Mare Koit | Andriela Rääbis

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But What Do They Mean? An Exploration Into the Range of Cross-Turn Expectations Denied by “But”
Kavita Thomas

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Anaphora Resolution in Multi-Person Dialogues
Prateek Jain | Manav Ratan Mital | Sumit Kumar | Amitabha Mukerjee | Achla M. Raina

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The Importance of Discourse Context for Statistical Natural Language Generation
Cassandre Creswell | Elsi Kaiser

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Resolution of Lexical Ambiguities in Spoken Dialogue System
Berenike Loos | Robert Porzel

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Towards Automatic Identification of Discourse Markers in Dialogs: The Case of Like
Sandrine Zufferey | Andrei Popescu-Belis

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Bootstrapping Spoken Dialog Systems with Data Reuse
Guiseppe Di Fabbrizio | Gokhan Tur | Dilek Hakkani-Tür

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Speech Graffiti Habitability: What Do Users Really Say?
Stefanie Tomko | Roni Rosenfeld

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Acknowledgment Use with Synthesized and Recorded Prompts
Karen Ward | Tasha Hollingsed | Javier A. Aldaz Salmon

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Towards Automatic Addressee Identification in Multi-party Dialogues
Natasa Jovanovic | Rieks op den Akker

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Prosodic Cues to Discourse Segment Boundaries in Human-Computer Dialogue
Gina-Anne Levow

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The ICSI Meeting Recorder Dialog Act (MRDA) Corpus
Elizabeth Shriberg | Raj Dhillon | Sonali Bhagat | Jeremy Ang | Hannah Carvey

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Dialogue Systems that Can Handle Face-to-Face Joint Reference to Actions in Space
Justine Cassell

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On the Use of Confidence for Statistical Decision in Dialogue Strategies
Christian Raymond | Frédéric Béchet | Renato De Mori | Géraldine Damnati

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A Rule Based Approach to Discourse Parsing
Livia Polanyi | Chris Culy | Martin van den Berg | Gian Lorenzo Thione | David Ahn

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Unifying Annotated Discourse Hierarchies to Create a Gold Standard
Marco Carbone | Ya’akov Gal | Stuart Shieber | Barbara Grosz

pdf bib
Discourse Dependency Structures as Constrained DAGs
Laurence Danlos

pdf bib
Causes and Strategies for Requesting Clarification in Dialogue
David Schlangen

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Annotating Student Emotional States in Spoken Tutoring Dialogues
Diane J. Litman | Kate Forbes-Riley

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The MATE/GNOME Proposals for Anaphoric Annotation, Revisited
Massimo Poesio

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Multi-level Dialogue Act Tags
Alexander Clark | Andrei Popescu-Belis