Proceedings of the Fourth International Natural Language Generation Conference

Nathalie Colineau, Cécile Paris, Stephen Wan, Robert Dale (Editors)

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Sydney, Australia
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the Fourth International Natural Language Generation Conference
Nathalie Colineau | Cécile Paris | Stephen Wan | Robert Dale

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Lessons Learned from Large Scale Evaluation of Systems that Produce Text: Nightmares and Pleasant Surprises
Kathleen R. McKeown

pdf bib
A Generation-Oriented Workbench for Performance Grammar: Capturing Linear Order Variability in German and Dutch
Karin Harbusch | Gerard Kempen | Camiel van Breugel | Ulrich Koch

pdf bib
CCG Chart Realization from Disjunctive Inputs
Michael White

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Overgeneration and Ranking for Spoken Dialogue Systems
Sebastian Varges

pdf bib
Individuality and Alignment in Generated Dialogues
Amy Isard | Carsten Brockmann | Jon Oberlander

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Using Distributional Similarity to Identify Individual Verb Choice
Jing Lin

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Adjective-to-Verb Paraphrasing in Japanese Based on Lexical Constraints of Verbs
Atsushi Fujita | Naruaki Masuno | Satoshi Sato | Takehito Utsuro

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Generating References to Parts of Recursively Structured Objects
Helmut Horacek

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Overspecified Reference in Hierarchical Domains: Measuring the Benefits for Readers
Ivandré Paraboni | Judith Masthoff | Kees van Deemter

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Algorithms for Generating Referring Expressions: Do They Do What People Do?
Jette Viethen | Robert Dale

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Group-Based Generation of Referring Expressions
Kotaro Funakoshi | Satoru Watanabe | Takenobu Tokunaga

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Noun Phrase Generation for Situated Dialogs
Laura Stoia | Darla Magdalene Shockley | Donna K. Byron | Eric Fosler-Lussier

pdf bib
The Clarity-Brevity Trade-off in Generating Referring Expressions
Imtiaz Hussain Khan | Graeme Ritchie | Kees van Deemter

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Generic Querying of Relational Databases using Natural Language Generation Techniques
Catalina Hallett

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Generating Intelligent Numerical Answers in a Question-Answering System
Véronique Moriceau

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Generating Multiple-Choice Test Items from Medical Text: A Pilot Study
Nikiforos Karamanis | Le An Ha | Ruslan Mitkov

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Generation of Biomedical Arguments for Lay Readers
Nancy Green

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Introduction to the INLG’06 Special Session on Sharing Data and Comparative Evaluation
Anja Belz | Robert Dale

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Evaluations of NLG Systems: Common Corpus and Tasks or Common Dimensions and Metrics?
Cécile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Ross Wilkinson

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Building a Semantically Transparent Corpus for the Generation of Referring Expressions.
Kees van Deemter | Ielka van der Sluis | Albert Gatt

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Shared-Task Evaluations in HLT: Lessons for NLG
Anja Belz | Adam Kilgarriff

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GENEVAL: A Proposal for Shared-task Evaluation in NLG
Ehud Reiter | Anja Belz