Biological, translational, and clinical language processing

K. Bretonnel Cohen, Dina Demner-Fushman, Carol Friedman, Lynette Hirschman, John Pestian (Editors)

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Prague, Czech Republic
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Biological, translational, and clinical language processing
K. Bretonnel Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Carol Friedman | Lynette Hirschman | John Pestian

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Syntactic complexity measures for detecting Mild Cognitive Impairment
Brian Roark | Margaret Mitchell | Kristy Hollingshead

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Determining the Syntactic Structure of Medical Terms in Clinical Notes
Bridget McInnes | Ted Pedersen | Serguei Pakhomov

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The Role of Roles in Classifying Annotated Biomedical Text
Son Doan | Ai Kawazoe | Nigel Collier

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On the unification of syntactic annotations under the Stanford dependency scheme: A case study on BioInfer and GENIA
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An Unsupervised Method for Extracting Domain-specific Affixes in Biological Literature
Haibin Liu | Christian Blouin | Vlado Kešelj

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Combining multiple evidence for gene symbol disambiguation
Hua Xu | Jung-Wei Fan | Carol Friedman

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Mining a Lexicon of Technical Terms and Lay Equivalents
Noemie Elhadad | Komal Sutaria

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Annotation of Chemical Named Entities
Peter Corbett | Colin Batchelor | Simone Teufel

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Recognising Nested Named Entities in Biomedical Text
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Exploring the Efficacy of Caption Search for Bioscience Journal Search Interfaces
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ConText: An Algorithm for Identifying Contextual Features from Clinical Text
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BioNoculars: Extracting Protein-Protein Interactions from Biomedical Text
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A shared task involving multi-label classification of clinical free text
John P. Pestian | Chris Brew | Pawel Matykiewicz | DJ Hovermale | Neil Johnson | K. Bretonnel Cohen | Wlodzislaw Duch

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From indexing the biomedical literature to coding clinical text: experience with MTI and machine learning approaches
Alan R. Aronson | Olivier Bodenreider | Dina Demner-Fushman | Kin Wah Fung | Vivian K. Lee | James G. Mork | Aurélie Névéol | Lee Peters | Willie J. Rogers

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Automatically Restructuring Practice Guidelines using the GEM DTD
Amanda Bouffier | Thierry Poibeau

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A Study of Structured Clinical Abstracts and the Semantic Classification of Sentences
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Automatic Code Assignment to Medical Text
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Interpreting comparative constructions in biomedical text
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The Extraction of Enriched Protein-Protein Interactions from Biomedical Text
Barry Haddow | Michael Matthews

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What’s in a gene name? Automated refinement of gene name dictionaries
Jörg Hakenberg

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Exploring the Use of NLP in the Disclosure of Electronic Patient Records
David Hardcastle | Catalina Hallett

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BaseNPs that contain gene names: domain specificity and genericity
Ian Lewin

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Challenges for extracting biomedical knowledge from full text
Tara McIntosh | James R. Curran

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Adaptation of POS Tagging for Multiple BioMedical Domains
John E. Miller | Manabu Torii | K. Vijay-Shanker

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Information Extraction from Patients’ Free Form Documentation
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Automatic Indexing of Specialized Documents: Using Generic vs. Domain-Specific Document Representations
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Developing Feature Types for Classifying Clinical Notes
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Quantitative Data on Referring Expressions in Biomedical Abstracts
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Discovering contradicting protein-protein interactions in text
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Marking time in developmental biology
Gail Sinclair | Bonnie Webber

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Evaluating and combining and biomedical named entity recognition systems
Andreas Vlachos

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Unsupervised Learning of the Morpho-Semantic Relationship in MEDLINE
W. John Wilbur

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Reranking for Biomedical Named-Entity Recognition
Kazuhiro Yoshida | Jun’ichi Tsujii