Proceedings of the Eleventh European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 07)

Stephan Busemann (Editor)

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Saarbrücken, Germany
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Proceedings of the Eleventh European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 07)
Stephan Busemann

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Quality of Service and Communicative Competence in NLG Evaluation
Kristiina Jokinen

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Generation of repeated references to discourse entities
Anja Belz | Sebastian Varges

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Stochastic Realisation Ranking for a Free Word Order Language
Aoife Cahill | Martin Forst | Christian Rohrer

pdf bib
Modelling control in generation
Roger Evans | David Weir | John Carroll | Daniel Paiva | Anja Belz

pdf bib
Avoiding Repetition in Generated Text
Mary Ellen Foster | Michael White

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Spotting Overgeneration Suspects
Claire Gardent | Eric Kow

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Evaluating algorithms for the Generation of Referring Expressions using a balanced corpus
Albert Gatt | Ielka van der Sluis | Kees van Deemter

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Generating Politeness in Task Based Interaction: An Evaluation of the Effect of Linguistic Form and Culture
Swati Gupta | Marilyn Walker | Daniela Romano

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Interactive sentence combining and paraphrasing in support of integrated writing and grammar instruction: A new application area for natural language sentence generators
Karin Harbusch | Camiel van Breugel | Ulrich Koch | Gerard Kempen

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Using WYSIWYM to Create an Open-ended Interface for the Semantic Grid
Feikje Hielkema | Chris Mellish | Peter Edwards

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Lexical choice of modal expressions
Ralf Klabunde

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Measuring Variability in Sentence Ordering for News Summarization
Nitin Madnani | Rebecca Passonneau | Necip Fazil Ayan | John Conroy | Bonnie Dorr | Judith Klavans | Dianne O’Leary | Judith Schlesinger

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Visualising Discourse Structure in Interactive Documents
Clara Mancini | Christian Pietsch | Donia Scott

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Abstract verbs
Richard Power

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An Architecture for Data-to-Text Systems
Ehud Reiter

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An Experiment on “Free Generation” from Single RDF Triples
Xiantang Sun | Chris Mellish

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The Narrator: NLG for digital storytelling
Mariët Theune | Nanda Slabbers | Feikje Hielkema

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Capturing Acceptable Variation in Distinguishing Descriptions
Jette Viethen | Robert Dale

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Determining tutorial remediation strategies from a corpus of human-human tutoring dialogues
Charles Callaway | Johanna Moore

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Deep-reasoning-centred Dialogue
Debora Field | Allan Ramsay

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Extending the Entity-grid Coherence Model to Semantically Related Entities
Katja Filippova | Michael Strube

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Generating Multilingual Descriptions from Linguistically Annotated OWL Ontologies: the NaturalOWL System
Dimitrios Galanis | Ion Androutsopoulos

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Cryptic Crossword Clues: Generating Text with a Hidden Meaning
David Hardcastle

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Combining Multiple Information Layers for the Automatic Generation of Indicative Meeting Abstracts
Thomas Kleinbauer | Stephanie Becker | Tilman Becker

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A Comparison of Hedged and Non-hedged NLG Texts
Saad Mahamood | Ehud Reiter | Chris Mellish

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Cueing the Virtual Storyteller: Analysis of cue phrase usage in fairy tales
Manon Penning | Mariët Theune

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Atlas.txt: Linking Geo-referenced Data to Text for NLG
Kavita Thomas | Somayajulu Sripada

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Generating monologue and dialogue to present personalised medical information to patients
Sandra Williams | Paul Piwek | Richard Power