Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+9)

Claire Gardent, Anoop Sarkar (Editors)

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Tübingen, Germany
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+9)
Claire Gardent | Anoop Sarkar

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Binding Theory in LTAG
Lucas Champollion

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Flexible Composition, Multiple Adjoining and Word Order Variation
Joan Chen-Main | Aravind K. Joshi

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Flexible Composition and Delayed Tree-Locality
David Chiang | Tatjana Scheffler

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A Psycholinguistically Motivated Version of TAG
Vera Demberg | Frank Keller

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Compositional Semantics of Coordination using Synchronous Tree Adjoining Grammar
Chung-hye Han | David Potter | Dennis R. Storoshenko

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Non-local scrambling: the equivalence of TAG and CCG revisited
Julia Hockenmaier | Peter Young

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A Prefix-Correct Earley Recognizer for Multiple Context-Free Grammars
Makoto Kanazawa

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Factorizing Complementation in a TT-MCTAG for German
Timm Lichte | Laura Kallmeyer

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Lambek Grammars, Tree Adjoining Grammars and Hyperedge Replacement Grammars
Richard Moot

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Synchronous Vector TAG for Syntax and Semantics: Control Verbs, Relative Clauses, and Inverse Linking
Rebecca Nesson | Stuart Shieber

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The use of MCTAG to Process Elliptic Coordination
Djamé Seddah

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Plasticity of grammatical recursion in German learners of Dutch
Douglas J. Davidson | Peter Indefrey

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Reflexives and TAG Semantics
Robert Frank

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Modeling Mobile Intention Recognition Problems with Spatially Constrained Tree-Adjoining Grammars
Peter Kiefer

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Across-the-Board Extraction in Minimalist Grammars
Gregory M. Kobele

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TuLiPA: A syntax-semantics parsing environment for mildly context-sensitive formalisms
Yannick Parmentier | Laura Kallmeyer | Wolfgang Maier | Timm Lichte | Johannes Dellert

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A Metagrammar for Vietnamese LTAG
Phương Lê Hồng | Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn | Azim Roussanaly

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Is Coordination Quantification?
Kevin Lerman | Owen Rambow

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Feature Unification in TAG Derivation Trees
Sylvain Schmitz | Joseph Le Roux

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Reflexivity in English: an STAG analysis
Dennis R. Storoshenko | Chung-hye Han | David Potter

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A Layered Grammar Model: Using Tree-Adjoining Grammars to Build a Common Syntactic Kernel for Related Dialects
Pascal Vaillant

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Towards Accurate Probabilistic Lexicons for Lexicalized Grammars
Naoki Yoshinaga