Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Young Investigators Workshop on Computational Approaches to Languages of the Americas

Thamar Solorio, Ted Pedersen (Editors)

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Los Angeles, California
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Young Investigators Workshop on Computational Approaches to Languages of the Americas
Thamar Solorio | Ted Pedersen

pdf bib
Computational Linguistics in Brazil: An Overview
Thiago Pardo | Caroline Gasperin | Helena de Medeiros Caseli | Maria das Graças Nunes

pdf bib
Data-driven computational linguistics at FaMAF-UNC, Argentina
Laura Alonso Alemany | Gabriel Infante-Lopez

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Variable-Length Markov Models and Ambiguous Words in Portuguese
Fabio Natanael Kepler | Marcelo Finger

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Using Common Sense to generate culturally contextualized Machine Translation
Helena de Medeiros Caseli | Bruno Akio Sugiyama | Junia Coutinho Anacleto

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Human Language Technology for Text-based Analysis of Psychotherapy Sessions in the Spanish Language
Horacio Saggion | Elena Stein-Sparvieri | David Maldavsky | Sandra Szasz

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Computational Linguistics in Costa Rica: an overview
Jorge Antonio Leoni de León

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Fostering Digital Inclusion and Accessibility: The PorSimples project for Simplification of Portuguese Texts
Sandra Aluísio | Caroline Gasperin

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Opinion Identification in Spanish Texts
Aiala Rosá | Dina Wonsever | Jean-Luc Minel

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A Machine Learning Approach for Recognizing Textual Entailment in Spanish
Julio Castillo

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The emergence of the modern concept of introspection: a quantitative linguistic analysis
Iván Raskovsky | Diego Fernández Slezak | Carlos Diuk | Guillermo A. Cecchi

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Combining CBIR and NLP for Multilingual Terminology Alignment and Cross-Language Image Indexing
Diego Burgos

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IRASubcat, a highly parametrizable, language independent tool for the acquisition of verbal subcategorization information from corpus
Ivana Romina Altamirano | Laura Alonso Alemany

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The TermiNet Project: an Overview
Ariani Di Felippo

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Automated Detection of Language Issues Affecting Accuracy, Ambiguity and Verifiability in Software Requirements Written in Natural Language
Allan Berrocal Rojas | Elena Gabriela Barrantes Sliesarieva

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Recognition and extraction of definitional contexts in Spanish for sketching a lexical network
César Aguilar | Olga Acosta | Gerardo Sierra

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Computational Linguistics for helping Requirements Elicitation: a dream about Automated Software Development
Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo

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Text Generation for Brazilian Portuguese: the Surface Realization Task
Eder Novais | Thiago Tadeu | Ivandré Paraboni

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Dialogue Systems for Virtual Environments
Luciana Benotti | Paula Estrella | Carlos Areces