Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis

Cyril Grouin, Thierry Hamon, Aurélie Névéol, Pierre Zweigenbaum (Editors)

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Lisbon, Portugal
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis
Cyril Grouin | Thierry Hamon | Aurélie Névéol | Pierre Zweigenbaum

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In-depth annotation for patient level liver cancer staging
Wen-wai Yim | Sharon Kwan | Meliha Yetisgen

pdf bib
Predicting Continued Participation in Online Health Forums
Farig Sadeque | Thamar Solorio | Ted Pedersen | Prasha Shrestha | Steven Bethard

pdf bib
Redundancy in French Electronic Health Records: A preliminary study
Eva D’hondt | Xavier Tannier | Aurélie Névéol

pdf bib
Is it possible to recover personal health information from an automatically de-identified corpus of French EHRs?
Cyril Grouin | Nicolas Griffon | Aurélie Névéol

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An Analysis of Biomedical Tokenization: Problems and Strategies
Noa P. Cruz Díaz | Manuel Maña López

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Annotation of Clinically Important Follow-up Recommendations in Radiology Reports
Meliha Yetisgen | Prescott Klassen | Lucas McCarthy | Elena Pellicer | Tom Payne | Martin Gunn

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On the Impact of Twitter-based Health Campaigns: A Cross-Country Analysis of Movember
Nugroho Dwi Prasetyo | Claudia Hauff | Dong Nguyen | Tijs van den Broek | Djoerd Hiemstra

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Exploring Word Embedding for Drug Name Recognition
Isabel Segura-Bedmar | Víctor Suárez-Paniagua | Paloma Martínez

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Creating a rule based system for text mining of Norwegian breast cancer pathology reports
Rebecka Weegar | Hercules Dalianis

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Parser Adaptation to the Biomedical Domain without Re-Training
Jeff Mitchell | Mark Steedman

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Expanding a dictionary of marker words for uncertainty and negation using distributional semantics
Alyaa Alfalahi | Maria Skeppstedt | Rickard Ahlbom | Roza Baskalayci | Aron Henriksson | Lars Asker | Carita Paradis | Andreas Kerren

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Held-out versus Gold Standard: Comparison of Evaluation Strategies for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction from Medline abstracts
Roland Roller | Mark Stevenson

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Checking a structured pathology report for completeness of content using terminological knowledge
Sebastian Busse

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Effectively Crowdsourcing Radiology Report Annotations
Anne Cocos | Aaron Masino | Ting Qian | Ellie Pavlick | Chris Callison-Burch

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Identifying Key Concepts from EHR Notes Using Domain Adaptation
Jiaping Zheng | Hong Yu

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Information Extraction from Biomedical Texts: Learning Models with Limited Supervision
Marie-Francine Moens

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Adverse Drug Event classification of health records using dictionary based pre-processing and machine learning
Stefanie Friedrich | Hercules Dalianis

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NLP–Based Readability Assessment of Health–Related Texts: a Case Study on Italian Informed Consent Forms
Giulia Venturi | Tommaso Bellandi | Felice Dell’Orletta | Simonetta Montemagni

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Mining and Ranking Biomedical Synonym Candidates from Wikipedia
Abhyuday Jagannatha | Jinying Chen | Hong Yu

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Representing Clinical Notes for Adverse Drug Event Detection
Aron Henriksson