Proceedings of the First Workshop on NLP and Computational Social Science

David Bamman, A. Seza Doğruöz, Jacob Eisenstein, Dirk Hovy, David Jurgens, Brendan O’Connor, Alice Oh, Oren Tsur, Svitlana Volkova (Editors)

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Austin, Texas
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the First Workshop on NLP and Computational Social Science
David Bamman | A. Seza Doğruöz | Jacob Eisenstein | Dirk Hovy | David Jurgens | Brendan O’Connor | Alice Oh | Oren Tsur | Svitlana Volkova

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Relating semantic similarity and semantic association to how humans label other people
Kenneth Joseph | Kathleen M. Carley

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Identifying News from Tweets
Jesse Freitas | Heng Ji

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Obfuscating Gender in Social Media Writing
Sravana Reddy | Kevin Knight

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Social Proof: The Impact of Author Traits on Influence Detection
Sara Rosenthal | Kathy McKeown

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Generating Politically-Relevant Event Data
John Beieler

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User profiling with geo-located posts and demographic data
Adam Poulston | Mark Stevenson | Kalina Bontcheva

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Gov2Vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Institutions and Their Legal Text
John J. Nay

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#WhoAmI in 160 Characters? Classifying Social Identities Based on Twitter Profile Descriptions
Anna Priante | Djoerd Hiemstra | Tijs van den Broek | Aaqib Saeed | Michel Ehrenhard | Ariana Need

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Identifying Stance by Analyzing Political Discourse on Twitter
Kristen Johnson | Dan Goldwasser

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Learning Linguistic Descriptors of User Roles in Online Communities
Alex Wang | William L. Hamilton | Jure Leskovec

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The Effects of Data Collection Methods in Twitter
Sunghwan Mac Kim | Stephen Wan | Cécile Paris | Brian Jin | Bella Robinson

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Expressions of Anxiety in Political Texts
Ludovic Rheault

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Constructing an Annotated Corpus for Protest Event Mining
Peter Makarov | Jasmine Lorenzini | Hanspeter Kriesi

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Demographer: Extremely Simple Name Demographics
Rebecca Knowles | Josh Carroll | Mark Dredze

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Bag of What? Simple Noun Phrase Extraction for Text Analysis
Abram Handler | Matthew Denny | Hanna Wallach | Brendan O’Connor

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News Sentiment and Cross-Country Fluctuations
Samuel Fraiberger

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The Clinical Panel: Leveraging Psychological Expertise During NLP Research
Glen Coppersmith | Kristy Hollingshead | H. Andrew Schwartz | Molly Ireland | Rebecca Resnik | Kate Loveys | April Foreman | Loring Ingraham

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Are You a Racist or Am I Seeing Things? Annotator Influence on Hate Speech Detection on Twitter
Zeerak Waseem

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Disentangling Topic Models: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Personal Values through Words
Steven Wilson | Rada Mihalcea | Ryan Boyd | James Pennebaker