Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Generation

Kathleen R. McKeown, Johanna D. Moore, Sergei Nirenburg (Editors)

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Linden Hall Conference Center, Dawson, Pennsylvania
Association for Computational Linguistics
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Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Generation
Kathleen R. McKeown | Johanna D. Moore | Sergei Nirenburg

pdf bib
Using Tree Adjoining Grammars Systemic Framework in the
Kathleen F. McCoy | K. Vijay-Shanker | Gijoo Yang

pdf bib
Generation and Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars
Stuart M. Shieber | Yves Schabes

pdf bib
A Connectionist Treatment of Grammar for Generation: Relying on Emergents
Nigel Ward

pdf bib
A New Model for Lexical Choice for Open-Class Words
Ehud Reiter

pdf bib
A collocational based approach to salience-sensitive lexical selection
Leo Wanner | John A. Bateman

pdf bib
Natural Discourse Hypothesis Engine
Susanna Cumming

pdf bib
Using Bidirectional Semantic Rules for Generation
Jim Barnett | Inderjeet Mani

pdf bib
Upper Modeling: organizing knowledge for natural language processing
John A. Bateman

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Abstract Linguistic Resources for Text Planning
Marie W. Meteer

pdf bib
Using Discourse Focus, Temporal Focus, and Spatial Focus to Generate Multisentential Text
Mark T. Maybury

pdf bib
Selection: Salience, Relevance and the Coupling between Domain-Level Tasks and Text Planning
T. Pattabhiraman | Nick Cercone

pdf bib
Domain Communication Knowledge
Owen Rambow

pdf bib
An Object Oriented Approach to Content Planning for Text Generation
Ursula Wolz

pdf bib
The Role of Underlying Structure in Text Generation
Robert Alan Granville

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The Basic Block Model of Extended Explanations
David J. Mooney | Sandra Carberry | Kathleen F. McCoy

pdf bib
The Local Organization of Text
Penelope Sibun

pdf bib
Parsimonious and Profligate Approaches to the Question of Discourse Structure Relations
Eduard H. Hovy

pdf bib
Reassessing Rhetorical Abstractions and Planning Mechanisms
Daniel D. Suthers

pdf bib
Resolving Plan Ambiguity for Response Generation
Peter van Beek | Robin Cohen

pdf bib
Speaker Attitudes in Text Planning
Christine Defrise | Sergei Nirenburg

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Generating Peripheral Rhetorical Devices by Consulting a User Model
Ingrid Zukerman

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The Computer Generation of Speech with Discoursally and Semantically Motivated Intonation
Robin P. Fawcett

pdf bib
Relational-Grammar-Based Generation in the JETS Japanese-English Machine Translation System
David E. Johnson | Hideo Watanabe

pdf bib
Real-Time Generation from Systemic Grammars
Terry Patten | Daniel S. Stoops

pdf bib
Narrated Animation: A Case for Generation
Norman Badler | Mark Steedman | Bonnie Lynn Webber