Interactive Spoken Dialog Systems: Bringing Speech and NLP Together in Real Applications

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Interactive Spoken Dialog Systems: Bringing Speech and NLP Together in Real Applications

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Evaluating Interactive Dialogue Systems: Extending Component Evaluation to Integrated System Evaluation
Marilyn A. Walker | Diane J. Litman | Candace A. Kamm | Alicia Abella

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A Generic Template to evaluate integrated components in spoken dialogue systems
Gavin E. Churcher | Eric S. Atwell | Clive Souter

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GENERALITY AND OBJECTIVITY Central Issues in Putting a Dialogue Evaluation Tool into Practical Use
Laila Dybkjaer | Niels Ole Bernsen | Hans Dybkjaer

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An Object-Oriented Model for the Design of Cross-Domain Dialogue Systems
Ian M. O’Neill | Michael F. McTear

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Automatic Lexicon Enhancement by Means of Corpus Tagging
Frederic Bechet | Thierry Spriet | Marc El-Beze

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Clarification Dialogues as Measure to Increase Robustness in a Spoken Dialogue System
Elisabeth Maier | Norbert Reithinger | Jan Alexandersson

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Performance Measures for the Next Generation of Spoken Natural Language Dialog Systems
Ronnie W. Smith

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A practical Message-to-Speech strategy for dialogue systems
P. Spyns | F. Deprez | L. Van Tichelen | B. Van Coile

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Turn off the Radio and Call Again: How Acoustic Clues can Improve Dialogue Management
Christian Lieske

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Context Modeling for Language and Speech Generation
Kees van Deemter

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Planning Efficient Mixed Initiative Dialogue
Eli Hagen

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A Robust Dialogue System with Spontaneous Speech Understanding and Cooperative Response
Toshihiko Itoh | Akihiro Denda | Satoru Kogure | Seiichi Nakagawa

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The “Casual Cashmere Diaper Bag”: Constraining Speech Recognition Using Examples
Paul Martin

pdf bib
Grammatical analysis in the OVIS spoken-dialogue system
Mark-Jan Nederhof | Gosse Bouma | Rob Koeling | Gertjan van Noord

pdf bib
Filtering Errors and Repairing Linguistic Anomalies for Spoken Dialogue Systems
David Roussel | Ariane Halber

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How to obey the 7 commandments for spoken dialogue?
Emiel Krahmer | Jan Landsbergen | Xavier Pouteau

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Towards a PURE Spoken Dialogue System for Information Access
Rajeev Agarwal

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A Programmable Multi-Blackboard Architecture for Dialogue Processing Systems
Matthias Denecke

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Corpus-Based Information Presentation for a Spoken Public Transport Information System
M.M.M. Rats | R.J. van Vark | J.P.M. de Vreught

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Dialogue Strategies for Improving the Usability of Telephone Human-Machine Communication
Morena Danieli | Elisabetta Gerbino | Loreta M. Moisa

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Speech-Graphics Dialogue Systems
Alan W. Biermann | Michael S. Fulkerson | Greg A. Keim