Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1998)

Bente Maegaard (Editor)

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Copenhagen, Denmark
Center for Sprogteknologi, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1998)
Bente Maegaard

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LMT at Tivoli Gardens
Arendse Bernth | Michael McCord

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Drug Terminology. A multilingual term database. The AVENTINUS project
Christian Sjögreen

pdf bib
AVENTINUS, GATE and Swedish Lingware
Dimitrios Kokkinakis

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Norwegian Computational Lexicon (NorKompLeks)
Torbjørn Nordgård

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Structural Lexical Heuristics in the Automatic Analysis of Portuguese
Eckhard Bick

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An HPSG Marking Analysis of Danish Determiners and Clausal Adverbials
Costanza Navarretta | Anne Neville

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A Chart-Based Framework for Grammar Checking. Initial Studies
Anna Sågvall Hein

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CP-UDOG: An Algorithm for the Disambiguation of Compound Participles in Danish
Jens Ahlmann Hansen | Poul Søren Kjærsgaard

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Evaluation of the Syntactic Parsing Performed by the ENGCG Parser
Klas Prytz

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CATCH: A Program for Developing World Wide Web CALL Material
Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang

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Assembling a Balanced Corpus from the Internet
Johan Dewe | Jussi Karlgren | Ivan Bretan

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Peeking Into the Danish Living Room. Internet access to a large speech corpus
Peter Juel Henrichsen

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Extraction of Translation Equivalents from Parallel Corpora
Jörg Tiedemann

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The Construction of a Tagged Danish Corpus
Thomas Bilgram | Britt Keson

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Linguistics isn’t always the answer: Word comparison in computational linguistics
Lars Borin

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Logic for Part-of-Speech Tagging and Shallow Parsing
Torbjörn Lager

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A statistical and structural approach to extracting collocations likely to be of relevance in relation to an LSP sub-domain text
Bjarne Blom

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A Reasonably Language Independent, Heuristic Algorithm for the Marking of Names in Running Texts
Benny Brodda

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Some Results Regarding Tree Homomorphic Feature Structure Grammar and the Empty String
Tore Burheim

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Teaching and learning computational linguistics in an international setting
Koenraad de Smedt