Proceedings of the 30th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation: Oral Papers

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Seoul, South Korea
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Proceedings of the 30th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation: Oral Papers

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A “Maximal Exclusion” Approach to Structural Uncertainty in Dynamic Syntax
Tohru Seraku

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Korean Language Resources for Everyone
Jungyeul Park | Jeen-Pyo Hong | Jeong-Won Cha

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Secondary Predicates in Native and Nonnative Grammars
Enchao Shi

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A Generalized Framework for Hierarchical Word Sequence Language Model
Xiaoyi Wu | Kevin Duh | Yuji Matsumoto

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Processing English Island Sentences by Korean EFL Learners
Yeonkyung Park | Yong-hun Lee

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Multiple Emotions Detection in Conversation Transcripts
Duc-Anh Phan | Hiroyuki Shindo | Yuji Matsumoto

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Long-distance anaphors and the blocking effect revisited-An East Asian perspective
Hyunjun Park

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Developing an Unsupervised Grammar Checker for Filipino Using Hybrid N-grams as Grammar Rules
Matthew Phillip Go | Allan Borra

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Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation with Sentences Similarities from Context Word Embeddings
Shoma Yamaki | Hiroyuki Shinnou | Kanako Komiya | Minoru Sasaki

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HSSA tree structures for BTG-based preordering in machine translation
Yujia Zhang | Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

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The Manner/Result Complementarity in Chinese Motion Verbs Revisited
Lei Qiu

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Yet Another Symmetrical and Real-time Word Alignment Method: Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment using F-measure
Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

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Event Based Emotion Classification for News Articles
Minglei Li | Da Wang | Qin Lu | Yunfei Long

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The interaction of politeness systems in Korean learners of French
Darcy Sperlich | Jaiho Leem | Eui-Jeen Ahn

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Integrating Word Embedding Offsets into the Espresso System for Part-Whole Relation Extraction
Van-Thuy Phi | Yuji Matsumoto

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An Experimental Study of Subject Properties in Korean Multiple Subject Constructions (MSCs)
Ji-Hye Kim | Eunah Kim | James Yoon

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Focal Prominence Underlying Distribution of Mandarin Minimizers
I-Hsuan Chen

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Planting Trees in the Desert: Delexicalized Tagging and Parsing Combined
Daniel Zeman | David Mareček | Zhiwei Yu | Zdeněk Žabokrtský

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Recurrent Neural Network Based Loanwords Identification in Uyghur
Chenggang Mi | Yating Yang | Xi Zhou | Lei Wang | Xiao Li | Tonghai Jiang

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Solving Event Quantification and Free Variable Problems in Semantics for Minimalist Grammars
Yu Tomita

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Testing APSyn against Vector Cosine on Similarity Estimation
Enrico Santus | Emmanuele Chersoni | Alessandro Lenci | Chu-Ren Huang | Philippe Blache

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Recognizing Open-Vocabulary Relations between Objects in Images
Masayasu Muraoka | Sumit Maharjan | Masaki Saito | Kota Yamaguchi | Naoaki Okazaki | Takayuki Okatani | Kentaro Inui

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Strong Associations Can Be Weak: Some Thoughts on Cross-lingual Word Webs for Translation
Oi Yee Kwong

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Dealing with Out-Of-Vocabulary Problem in Sentence Alignment Using Word Similarity
Hai-Long Trieu | Le-Minh Nguyen | Phuong-Thai Nguyen

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A Pipeline Japanese Entity Linking System with Embedding Features
Shuangshuang Zhou

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Toward the automatic extraction of knowledge of usable goods
Mei Uemura | Naho Orita | Naoaki Okazaki | Kentaro Inui

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A Syntactic Approach to the 1st Person Restriction of Causal Clauses in Korean
Semoon Hoe | Yugyeong Park

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Towards a QUD-Based Analysis of Gapping Constructions
Sang-Hee Park