Proceedings of the Thirtieth

International Conference on

Translating and the Computer

27-28 November 2008, London


[reproduced with permission of Aslib]


List of contents

WeBiText: Building Large Heterogeneous Translation Memories from Parallel Web


Alain Désilets, National Research Council of Canada

Hybrid Architectures for Multi-Engine Machine Translation

Andreas Eisele, Saarland University, Germany

CLIR-Based Collaborative Construction of a Multilingual Terminological Dictionary
for Cultural Resources

Mohammad Daoud, National Institute of Informatics, Japan and Joseph Fourier
, France

Pan African Localization Network
Manal Amin, Arabize, Egypt

Zen and the Art of Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance Automation in Translation:
Needs, Reality and Expectations

Julia Makoushina, Palex Languages and Software, Russia and Hendrik J. Kockaert,
Lessius University College, Belgium

Wiki behind the FirewallMicroscale Online Collaboration in a Translation Agency
David Calvert, TransForm Gesellschaft für Sprachen- und Mediendienste mbH,

Managing Complex Translation Projects Through Virtual Spaces: a Case Study
Dr. Fola Yahaya, Strategic Agenda LLP, UK

Statistical Glossing - Language Independent Analysis in Bible Translation
J D Riding, British & Foreign Bible Society, UK

Developing a 12-week e-Learning Course on Software Localisation at Imperial
College London: Design and Insights from Student Feedback

Mark Shuttleworth and Daniela Ford, Imperial College London, UK

Beyond Terms: Multi-Word Units in MultiTerm Extract

María Fernández Parra & Pius ten Hacken, Swansea University, Wales

A Quality Control Framework for Gold Standard Reference Translations:
The Process and Toolkit Developed for GALE

Lauren Friedman, University of Pennsylvania, USA